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Featured Projects

Examples of users who have been part of the OpenHDMaps community. These startups and scaleups in southern Ontario have used and/or contributed to our maps.

Nav Mobility

NavMobility Inc.png

Nav Mobility has created a software package for feature extraction from LiDAR data. Through deep learning, automation and advanced algorithms, Nav Mobility's unique 3D LiSM software extracts road features from LiDAR Point Cloud data. The team's methodology for road quality assessment has been proven with 88-94% accuracy across three validation tests.

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Korechi Innovations Ltd.


Korechi Innovations Ltd. is one of a handful of Agricultural - Robotics companies in the world with a complete software suite. The team's unique approach utilizes agricultural robots to map rural areas including roads, farmlands, orchards, vineyards, and private driveways. So far, they have mapped and contributed over 6800 acres of farmland in the form of polygon features. Korechi's connection to OpenHDMaps allowed them to train their developers to work with shapefiles and integrate the standard format into their workflow.

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 2.57.58 PM.png

MMSENSE Technologies Ltd


MMSense has developed a real-time remote sensor operation platform and 3D image mapping radar sensor architecture. Their car, pedestrian, and motorcycle detection scenarios have been validated through use cases in simulated environments. MMSense's medium resolution sensors transfer collected data to a remote point which is then mapped in real-time on the user interface.

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 12.03.28 PM.png



Ribbit successfully completed the first demonstration of autonomous aircraft steering in Canada. Their project involved 13 days of flight and taxi testing, totally approximately 65 hours of flying and driving, including low drifting in Burlington. The autonomous taxiing was done using high-definition airport maps created in-house with localization accurate to 10cm.

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 12.54.00 PM.png

QA Consultants


QA Consultants develop map validation solutions using a combination of conventional and non-conventional methods. They developed lightweight performative solutions for validating three types of map features; traffic signs, road discontinuities, and road omissions. These solutions were demonstrated on the Waterloo HD Vector basemap.

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 12.50.22 PM.png

Assetflo Inc.


In indoor and underground facilities, GPS tracking isn't always available, making it much more difficult to track assets in these environments. Assetflo has created a solution for vehicle and equipment localization in underground facilities. The team has developed an indoor vehicle localization platform, as well as custom devices for tracking assets. A joint product between Geotab, Origio and Assetflo, the Geotab Custom Device is suitable for both vehicles and moving equipment such as forklifts and jacks. The product includes a geotab native user interface. In addition, Assetflo offers a unified vehicle location API, vehicle-based asset localization, indoor context detection and denoising algorithms. The team has completed three major commercial trials with Waymo, Rio Tinto, and Rogers. 

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